Medical Cannabis Therapy
For All Ages

Our mission is to help patients achieve optimal health and happiness through a caring, knowledgeable approach to medical cannabis education and treatment.

We are devoted solely to the evaluation and certification of qualified patients who meet the State of Florida’s legal requirements for receiving medical cannabis. We also provide medical cannabis management and dosing consultations to patients certified by other Florida physicians.

Wholistic ReLeaf is committed to providing patients with the best possible care, while also complying with the ever-shifting legal landscape of medical cannabis in the State of Florida.

Getting Your Medical
Marijuana Card in Florida

When searching for a medical marijuana doctor in Tampa, FL and surrounding cities, it is critical to consider not only cost, but experience. Dr. David Berger is a pioneer in holistic pediatric health and adult wellness as well as in the treatment of chronic conditions using natural treatments, including medical marijuana.

He helped get medical cannabis legalized in the state of Florida and is considered the state’s most experienced pediatric medical cannabis doctor. Also, Dr. David understands dosing and provides dosing consultations. This is incredibly important, especially when using medical cannabis in kids.

Florida residents have had the opportunity to receive medical marijuana recommendations for qualifying conditions since January 3, 2017. Our team of board-certified physicians will carefully assess your case to determine if a medical marijuana card could be beneficial for you.

Once you’ve obtained the recommendation, our supportive staff will guide you through the entire process of acquiring your medical marijuana card in Florida.

We’ll assist you in registering with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use through the Florida Department of Health
and help you locate the nearest medical marijuana treatment centers conveniently located in your area.

Count on our expertise and assistance every step of the way as you explore the benefits of medical marijuana for your
health and well-being.

We loved everybody in the office. The doctor made everything easy and we had no problems with our appointment. We appreciate everybody’s patience.

“So lucky to have found Dr Berger and his staff! I always feel like they listen and genuinely care about my son. They go above and beyond. I will continue to drive an hour to see Dr. Berger.”

– Amy R. 

“Dr. Berger and his staff is incredible! I have never come across a group that makes you feel so cared for and in such great hands. I cannot say enough wonderful things!”

– Jennifer S. 

“Dr. David blew me away; I thought he was amazing and loved his approach. He is so down to earth and easy to talk to. He meets you where you are at.”

– Erica D. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What treatment is the patient eligible to receive?

Low-THC (CBD) and THC- containing medical cannabis products are available in a variety of different forms such as vaporized, capsules, oral liquids, transdermal creams/gels/patches, edibles, and smokable/cannabis flower forms. Routes of administration will vary depending on what is ordered by Wholistic ReLeaf’s certifying physician. Pediatric patients are not permitted smokable forms of cannabis unless they have a documented terminal condition.

Do Wholistic ReLeaf doctors evaluate patients for purposes of determining whether the patient has a qualifying medical condition?

At this time, Wholistic ReLeaf does not perform evaluations to determine if an individual has a qualifying medical condition to receive medical cannabis in the State of Florida. To make an initial appointment with Wholistic ReLeaf, a patient must attest to having a valid pre-existing medical condition.

A consultation note or professional letter stating the qualifying medical condition documented by the patient’s healthcare, therapist, or mental health provider must be provided to Wholistic ReLeaf prior to the qualified patient being certified to receive medical cannabis. Wholistic ReLeaf will evaluate the patient’s medical history to determine if the risks of ordering medical cannabis are reasonable in light of the potential benefit for the individual patient.

Current patients of Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care may have sufficient documentation in their medical record to verify a qualifying medical condition. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis by our medical team.

What does the physician authorize for the qualified patient?

After verifying a patient has a qualifying medical condition to receive medical cannabis (as determined by the State of Florida) and having determined the benefits outweigh the risks, the physician provides certification that a patient is qualified. With this, a patient (and caregiver if needed) can obtain a Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID card and obtain product from a state-approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Center.

What are physicians’ requirements for ordering medical cannabis?
Only Florida-licensed physicians who have successfully completed a 2-hour medical education course on medical cannabis and passed the examination may certify qualified patients to receive medical cannabis. This is explained in more detail on the Florida Department of Health’s website.
How does the patient get medical cannabis?

Once all legal requirements have been met, the patient will receive a state-issued Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID card, at which time they may get their medical cannabis from a Florida-sanctioned Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. The Centers will have access to the patient’s certification to verify what they are allowed to distribute.

Are medical insurance companies required to cover the costs associated with medical cannabis therapy?
No, insurance companies are not required to cover this therapy or pay/reimburse for medical cannabis evaluation consultations.
Does Wholistic ReLeaf also provide primary care or other medication management?
Wholistic ReLeaf is solely limited to the evaluation, certification, and treatment of qualified patients who meet the State of Florida statutory requirements for receiving medical cannabis. Wholistic ReLeaf does not manage any medication or treatment for its patients other than those specifically recommended for that patient by a Wholistic ReLeaf physician.

The non-Wholistic ReLeaf physician supervising that particular condition or treatment must manage all other medications and treatments. If non-cannabis medicine management is needed, a physician or nurse practitioner at Dr. Berger’s full-service medical practice, Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care (WPFC), can provide this service.

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