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CBD Transforms Life of Florida Girl with Seizures

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children and are willing to go above and beyond what we even think is possible to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. When life presents the unexpected, parents can find themselves in completely uncharted waters. Mary’s story is one of a family who unexpectedly encountered rough seas and their commitment to finding the help they needed to steer safely back to shore.

It is definitely a daily, even hourly, struggle with all the issues that come with Double Cortex Syndrome; however, we will do everything that we can for our little girl. ~ Mary’s mom, Rebekah

Cannabis and Fibromyalgia: A Florida Woman’s Story of Success and Transformation

Imagine everything in your body hurting. From the top of your head to the soles of your feet, you experience severe and constant pain. Imagine how that would make you feel not only physically, but mentally. Now, imagine gaining weight suddenly and for no apparent reason. Would you be scared? Depressed? Anxious? Would you have any inclination as to what was happening?

“Before starting medical cannabis I couldn’t get out of bed. I was sore and tired all of the time and I wasn’t sleeping. I was miserable. By taking inhaled CBD during the day and THC at night, I am sleeping and my pain is gone. The cognitive difficulties known as ‘fibro fog’ have abated. I am enjoying better health than I have in about five years.” – Robyn W.

Kissimmee Boy with Rare Epilepsy Finds Relief with CBD

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), is a rare form of epilepsy that is dangerous and difficult to control. Typically appearing early in childhood, most medications are ineffective, leaving sufferers with lifelong debilitating seizures that worsen with time. LGS often leaves its victims with an inability to walk or talk as well. After years of failed attempts to control his seizures with pharmaceuticals, CBD transformed this young boys life, bringing normalcy his parents never thought possible..

“His drop seizures were so bad we couldn’t leave him by himself.” “Letting him take a bath alone was never an option.” -Joanna Villareal (Marcos’s mom – before CBD)

“Miraculously, Marcos has therapeutic relief with just 50mg twice a day,” said Dr. Berger.

Tampa Boy with Severe Anxiety Finds Relief in Medical Cannabis

“There was nothing I could do to keep him calm. He would work himself up so much that he would have crying spells and panic attacks. Then I saw Dr. Berger on Bay News 9 and started researching whether or not medical cannabis could help Gavin.” Nikki Austin on Gavin before medical cannabis.

“Before cannabis, I was on medication that made me not want to do anything. I just wanted to stay inside and was depressed. I feel very good now. I’m singing all the time, am more creative, and my energy is back. Cannabis really works. It is like a miracle.” -Gavin Austin* on how he feels today.

Epilepsy, Autism and Medical Marijuana; A Florida Mom’s Fight for her Son’s Life

“We were at a loss on what to do to help stop Anthony’s seizures.” Joann Shea

“His parents’ goal was to reduce his seizures, behavioral meltdowns, and anxiety. They wanted him to have a better quality of life and be happy.” – David Berger, MD

Tampa Woman with Childhood Cancer
Finds Pain Relief with Marijuana

“Immediately, (after taking medical cannabis) I felt comfortable with zero side effects.” “My symptoms have gone way down, I can go all day without pain in my body, especially my joints and back.” – Christina Gates

“I am not aware of any other treatment that brings more symptom relief to patients with cancer than medical cannabis.” – David Berger, MD

Crohn’s Disease Proves No Match for Florida Woman

“I knew Lauren for years as an energetic and active person with a wonderful disposition, but when she came in for the appointment, I had never seen her look so sick and sad. – David Berger, MD. (before treatment)

“I have never had as little pain in my life as I do now. I am at my happiest point.” – Lauren Leiva (after treatment)

“Lauren looks vibrant, healthy and happy and ready to take on the world. You would never know she has gone through so much by looking at her.” – David Berger, MD (after treatment)

For Seniors with Chronic Pain, Medical Cannabis is a Relief

“Medical cannabis is not a cure for me, it is a relief without a feeling of being high. My neuropathy is about 90% gone. I have also used topical THC cream on the severe nerve pain caused by a bone spur on my foot, and within minutes the pain was gone.”

THC Transforms Florida Boy with Autism and Severe Anxiety

“Our lives have changed. I have a very happy little man . . . He still has autism, but medical cannabis has stopped the severe panic attacks and anxiety he had been experiencing for years. ”

Gaylord Kenyon, of Orlando, FL was a young child when his seizures began.

After 50 Years, Florida Man is
Seizure-free Thanks to CBD

“…For the first time in the more than fifty years we have been married, Gaylord is seizure-free and completely off Dilantin. . .We are now weaning his other two medications.”

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