How Our Clinic Works

Wholistic ReLeaf has streamlined the process through which qualified patients will be able to receive medical cannabis in accordance with Florida law. We request the patient/family reads through the information below and asks all questions about the process prior to scheduling an appointment.

Becoming a Wholistic ReLeaf Patient

After speaking with our office, the patient/family will receive an invitation to register with our patient portal. Thereafter, all future communication with our staff will take place through the patient portal. This ensures a complete, timely, and protected medical record for the patient.

Cannabis Certification Consultation

For each certification encounter with the patient, the physician must:

  • Conduct a physical examination including a full assessment of the patient’s medical history;
  • Confirm the patient has at least one qualifying medical condition;
  • Determine the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for the patient;
  • Include attestation by a second physician for patients under the age of 18;
  • Determine whether the patient is pregnant;
  • Review the patient’s controlled drug prescription history in the prescription drug monitoring program database;
  • Review the medical marijuana use registry and confirm the patient does not have an active physician certification from another qualified physician;
  • Register as the issuer of the physician certification; and
  • Obtain voluntary and informed written consent.

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry

Entering the patient into the Registry enables the state to issue a Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID number, which is required before the patient (or caregiver) can apply for the required ID card. The patient will be placed into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (where a unique Patient ID number is generated) after:

  1. The patient’s certification consultation with one of our physicians; and
  2. All required medical documentation, such as proof of qualifying diagnosis, is in the medical chart.

Medical Marijuana Use ID Card

After being entered into the Registry the patient and/or caregiver must submit a completed application to obtain a Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID card. Applications are issued through the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Once approved an ID number and temporary ID card will be issued by email to the patient. Usually, within one month, a printed ID card is sent to the patient/caregiver, but only the temporary ID card is needed to purchase medical cannabis.

Obtaining Medical Cannabis from State-Approved Dispensaries

After receiving the temporary patient/caregiver’s state ID card, the patient/family can then visit or call one of the state-approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers to arrange to get products sanctioned by the State of Florida.

Wholistic ReLeaf will provide a list of the state-approved dispensaries. The ordering physician may certify a patient to receive up to a 70-day supply and provide up to 2 refills. A certification expires after 210 days. The patient or caregiver should contact Wholistic ReLeaf one (1) week prior to the recertification deadline and/or the patient’s supply running out.

Follow-Up Appointments to Stay Active on the Registry

To remain active in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, a patient must be recertified every 30 weeks (210 days). An in-office appointment with a physical exam is required as part of every recertification consultation. The follow-up appointment should take place approximately 1 week prior to the patient’s certification expiration date to ensure there is no lapse.

Want to know more? Download our informational guide on medical cannabis.


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