Medical Marijuana Treatment in Florida

Medical Marijuana treatments Tampa FLTypes of Medical Cannabis

The State of Florida currently permits two types of medical cannabis (medical marijuana) treatments for qualified patients:  Low-THC Medical Cannabis and THC-Containing Medical Cannabis.

Low-THC Medical Cannabis (also called Cannabidiol or CBD)
The active ingredient of low-THC medical cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD). This treatment does not cause the euphoric effects typically attributed to cannabis consumption. CBD appears to be non-toxic to humans, though some mild side effects have been reported, including increased sleepiness, fatigue, diarrhea, and change in appetite.

THC-Containing Medical Cannabis
THC is the ingredient that causes the euphoric/psychoactive effects of cannabis. The doses needed to provide relief for the patient will vary, and with this, so can the euphoric effect. CBD should also be an ingredient of this treatment as it works synergistically with the THC, and also can decrease the euphoric effects of the THC. This allows for higher doses of THC to be used by lowering the side-effects of the THC.

Strains, Hybrids, and Ratios
The Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are taking different approaches to the types of cannabis products they offer. Because patients react differently to the various THC-containing plants, some Centers differentiate their products based on whether it is derived from a sativa, indica, or hybrid plant. Some Centers indicate the individual strain of the plant and offer more than one strain of any given type (i.e., sativa). Additionally, many Centers offer combination products with various ratios of CBD to THC.

How Medical Cannabis Can Be Administered

Available Treatments in the State of Florida

  • Cannabis derivatives may be available in vapor, capsules, tinctures, oils, topical, intranasal, transdermal, suppository, and smokable (plant flower) forms.
  • The active ingredients of medical cannabis may NOT be injected into the body.
  • Availability and product forms may differ at  each state-approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Center.
  • The maximum dose authorized and route of administration allowable will be determined by physician order. The physician must state both the dose and route of administration when entering the treatment plan into the Compassionate Use Registry.

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