Discover The Core Responsibilities Of A Marijuana Doctor

Oct 19, 2023

By looking at the main responsibilities of a medical professional who specializes in cannabis, widely known as a “marijuana doctor,” we can see that they play a very important role in the health of people who are looking for alternative treatments.

These professionals are very important for helping people understand the complicated world of medical marijuana. We help people with various health problems by giving them advice, knowledge, and compassionate care.

Assessing Patient Eligibility

One of our main jobs is to decide if a patient is eligible for medical cannabis care. Evaluating the patient’s medical history and current health state in great detail is part of this. The goal is to determine if the patient’s symptoms and conditions make them eligible for medical marijuana use under the rules and laws of the state.

During this evaluation, we discuss the patient’s medical history, do a physical check when required, and talk to them about their symptoms and treatment goals. To make good suggestions about medical cannabis use, we must know much about the patient’s medical background.

Recommending Medical Marijuana

Once we decide that a patient is eligible for medical cannabis treatment, we suggest a specific treatment plan. This plan usually includes discussion of dosing and methods of administration, and having our education team discuss product options from various dispensaries. We look at the patient’s health, how severity of symptoms, and whether or not the medicine could interact with other medicines.

Monitoring Patient Progress

Once eligible patients decide to use medical cannabis, we are available to consult with them between appointments to discuss how the treatment is proceeding, and suggest any necessary changes.Ongoing communications help ensure our patients have the best chance of improving their symptoms and without any negative effects.

At follow-up appointments, we ask the patient about changes in their complaints, side effects, and health in general. We can change the treatment plan based on this feedback to get the best results for the patient.

Educating Patients About Medical Marijuana

One important job of ours is to teach our patients about medical cannabis. Outlining the possible advantages and disadvantages of cannabis as a medicine and any risks connected with its use. Patients need to know exactly how to use medical cannabis safely and responsibly.

Specialists at our clinic advise how to properly dose, store, and administer their medical cannabis. Our educators help patients ensure they understand the State of Florida’s laws. Being educated gives people the power to make smart choices about their health care and lessens the social stigma around marijuana use.

How to Find a Qualified Marijuana Doctor

One of the most important things to do before starting herbal treatment is to find a skilled specialist. Patients must be very careful to talk to a licensed professional with a good reputation who can give them expert advice. Here at Wholistic Releaf, we have highly qualified professionals for you to get the proper guidance.

Check State Medical Marijuana Programs

Many states have official websites or organizations with lists of registered cannabis professionals. Most of the time, the state’s health department or regulatory body takes care of these resources. Patients can use these tools to find licenses in their area and ensure they follow state laws. In the State of Florida, medical cannabis is regulated by the The Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU).

Read Online Reviews And Testimonials

In this day and age of the internet, patient reviews and comments can tell you a lot about the experiences of other people who have seen certain cannabis professionals. If you want to learn more about a doctor’s reputation in the field, online medical cannabis communities and forums can be a good place to start.

Ask For Recommendations From Trusted Sources

Ask friends, family, or support groups who have used medical cannabis as a treatment for themselves for suggestions. When choosing a medical marijuana doctor, personal recommendations from people who have had good experiences with that doctor can be very helpful.

Verify Credentials And Licensure

It is very important to check the qualifications and licenses of any specialist you consider hiring. Ensure the physician is on good terms with relevant medical boards and regulatory bodies. Ensuring they are qualified, like the doctors at Wholistic Releaf, can give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Working with a Marijuana Doctor

Patients can make better choices about their health by learning about the benefits of seeing a cannabis professional for medical cannabis treatment. Here are some more reasons working with a specialist in the field is a good idea:

Access To Expertise

We are experts in medical cannabis and have a lot of knowledge and experience. Because we know a lot about the different cultivars, products, and ways to administer them, we can make personalized suggestions based on the needs of each patient.

Legal Compliance

As cannabis professionals, we help guide patients through Florida’s medical marijuana legal requirements. We educate patients on how to legally get medical marijuana without getting in trouble with the law.

Personalized Treatment Plans

At Wholistic Releaf, we know how important it is to make treatment plans specific to each patient’s needs. This personalized method improves the chances of getting rid of symptoms and being generally healthy.

Safe And Informed Use

We put a lot of effort into teaching our patients how to use medical marijuana safely and responsibly. We guide patients on how much to take, what side effects might happen, and how to avoid bad reactions with other drugs. This gives people the power to use medical cannabis safely and effectively.

Monitoring And Adjustment

Regular care from a qualified professional lets treatment plans be constantly evaluated and changed for the best results. At each certification and recertification appointment we work with our patients to ensure the treatment is working effectively and address any new needs or concerns..

Common Misconceptions about Marijuana Doctors

To give patients correct information, it’s important to clear up common misunderstandings about cannabis professionals. Here are some more facts about these false beliefs:

All About Getting High

People often think that medical cannabis is only for recreational use, but its main purpose is to help people with certain medical illnesses and symptoms. Getting high isn’t a goal; however, it is a possible side effect of certain products at certain doses.


There is no reason to worry that pot doctors will prescribe too much cannabis. These medical professionals follow strict rules and guidelines, ensuring that medical cannabis is only suggested when medically necessary, properly for a patient’s condition, such as chronic pain and other illnesses.

One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Specialists who treat cannabis patients know that each person has a unique medical history and needs. We don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” method but tailor treatment plans to each patient’s needs and symptoms.

Cannabis As A Cure-All

Medical cannabis can help many diseases but is not a magic bullet. Specialists at Wholistic Releaf who treat patients carefully look at each person’s situation and suggest treatment based on their specific needs to relieve symptoms and raise quality of life.


Navigating the complexities of medical cannabis, legal compliance, safe usage, and adjustments to treatment plans require the expertise of a competent cannabis professional.

With our team of licensed, skilled, and dedicated professionals, we prioritize dispelling misunderstandings surrounding medical cannabis.

At Wholistic Releaf, our team of experienced professionals, Dr. David Berger, Dr. Tanya Gold, and Dr. Kalman Pila, is dedicated to providing competent and compassionate care through tailored treatment programs. We specialize in determining eligibility, offering recommendations for medical cannabis, evaluating patients’ progress, and providing essential education.

Your health and well-being matter, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


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