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Patient Beyond the Plant: A Tampa Mother’s Story of Survival

Aired: August 21, 2018

A woman with Crohn’s disease who was prescribed opioids following complications from her pregnancy started taking medical marijuana to help alleviate her pain.

Web story can be found here.

Lack of Training for Doctors in Florida Dosing Medical Marijuana

Aired: May 31, 2018

There is a widespread lack of knowledge in the state of Florida when it comes to dosing medical marijuana. Find out how this is affecting patients who don’t know how much or what kind to use to be effective.

Florida Medical Marijuana – The Stigma of Legalization

Aired: May 11, 2018

Produced by USF’s Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communication, learn how the legalization of medical cannabis in Florida is helping heal those with chronic conditions while simultaneously challenged by the stigma of decades past.

WFLA GR8 Inspiration Featuring Dr. David Berger

Aired: May 3, 2018

Dr. David Berger is featured in WFLA’s GR8 Inspiration. This Tampa Florida news story recognizes him for his dedication to patients over the years and how through this commitment, his patients’ lives are changing for the better because of a natural treatment approved under Amendment 2.

Medical Marijuana for Autism-related Anxiety Disorders

Aired: April 12, 2018

Bay News 9 in Tampa reports on how an autistic boy in St. Petersburg had his life changed for the better with medical marijuana, and specifically THC.

CBS News Radio Reporters Notebook – Autism and Medical Cannabis

Aired: April 11, 2018

Where medications like Ritalin failed, one Florida boy’s life is changed for the better with medical cannabis.

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Can Autism be Treated with Medical Cannabis?

Published April 2, 2018

The cannabis digest for discerning women, Van der Pop, dives into the topic of treating autism with medical cannabis. The article features Dr. David Berger.

Read the article by clicking here:  Van der Pop_Budding Prospect_4.2.18

Dr. David’s Podcast Interview on Medical Cannabis in Florida

Aired: February 15, 2017

Dr. David joined “The Marijuana Solution” podcast with guest Robert Roundtree to discuss the recent proposed rules by the Florida Department of Health Office of Compassionate Use.  In the interview, Dr. David breaks down the proposed rules and how they would affect his ability to practice medicine.  Dr. David also discusses many of the therapeutic benefits for children and adults.

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Dr. David Advocates for Medical Cannabis

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Dr. David Berger, a Tampa pediatrician who runs Family Medical Cannabis Clinic, told the group he is concerned that a state board of medicine would be involved in a decision about who he can prescribe the drug to.

“The board of medicine [has] never been in a consultation with me and my patient. They may not know anything about that patient and they may not know anything about that patient’s condition,” said Dr. Berger.

Read the article by clicking here: Medical Marijuana Advocates Pack Florida Department of Health Meeting, Speak Out for Use

Dr. David Speaks Out About Medical Cannabis at Public Meeting

David Berger, a Tampa pediatrician who runs Family Medical Cannabis Clinic, said he’s concerned the state will allow the Florida Board of Medicine to determine who is eligible for treatment.

“I ask the Florida voters: Did you intend for the doctors and the patients to be the ones to decide?” Berger said to the audience members behind him. “Yes!”

“The Florida voters have spoken,” Berger said. “I implore the Department of Health to not put this in the hands of the Board of Medicine and to trust the patient-doctor relationship.”

Read the article by clicking here: Doctors Among Concerned Public Commenters At Amendment 2 Meetings

Dr. Berger Interviewed About New Family Medical Cannabis Clinic

Aired: September 12, 2016


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