Our Fabulous Kimmie: Keeping the Lab Open and Performing Blood Draws through COVID

Jul 16, 2020

by Emily Colón

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As many of you know, Kimmie Stadelman has been our phlebotomist extraordinaire since 2007. She is a loving mom of four, and her gentle hand and kind soul has put many patients’ minds at ease during blood draws. 

We often have parents travel to Tampa from out of town so that Kimmie can do their children’s blood draws, which they have self-described as “hard sticks” or resulted in “unsuccessful lab draws”. 

We continue to receive wonderful feedback from Kimmie’s lab patients: 

Miss Kimmie is the best phlebotomist ever!
She is so supportive and really good with kids and blood tests.

One mom shared that Kimmie’s approach to her anxious daughter was exactly what was needed: 

The perfect combination of compassion and
‘we gotta get this done’ attitude.

We are so grateful to have Kimmie as part of our wholistic family!

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