Welcoming Ethan Levy, Our Newest Practitioner

Jun 4, 2020



Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care is thrilled to announce our newest team member — Physician Assistant (PA) Ethan Levy has joined our practice to work with both children and adults!

Dr. David has known Ethan both personally and professionally for almost four years, and is thrilled to have found another provider who thinks and practices medicine like our other practitioners. We have received great feedback from the families who have already consulted with Ethan, including comments about his caring and thorough nature. A couple of families even commented that Dr. David found a way to clone himself!

Ethan completed his PA education at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Prior to his medical training, Ethan earned a master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences with a concentration in Sports Medicine. He spent the next six years helping others attain their goals through personal training and injury rehabilitation.

Ethan’s passion and dedication to helping others drove him to pursue a Physician Assistant education so he could be on the front lines of healthcare. To gain a thorough perspective on the most immersive aspects of patient care, prior to starting his PA studies, Ethan worked in the trenches of the surgical intensive care unit as a critical care technician. His  tireless bedside care and deep empathy was triggered by this role, which became one of the most profound experiences of his life. 

Since graduating from PA school in 2006, Ethan has gained experience in a multitude of specialties, including family practice, urgent care, occupational medicine, travel medicine, orthopedics, and spine surgery. Throughout his medical career, Ethan has always believed in using evidenced-based natural remedies as a first line approach when appropriate. Though Ethan understands the value of pharmaceutical medicine, he also recognizes its shortcomings. Ethan believes an integrative approach to healthcare is the most effective way to bring successful outcomes to the largest number of patients. 

In addition to his work as a healthcare provider, Ethan has also engaged in various administrative and leadership roles, including serving as the clinic director for a major spine surgery practice.

At Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care, Ethan offers his expertise in infectious disease, spine health, primary care medicine, musculoskeletal conditions, and wellness exams (for men, women, and children).

When asked to summarize his approach, Ethan replied:

My philosophy is treat the whole patient! 
Dedicate your time to the patient; educate the patient; 
work in collaboration with the patient; 
and, patients within a practice are our family.

Welcome, Ethan!


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